StigaVest™ Reflective Vest with LED Signals


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This Could Save Your Life...

Our StigaVest is the most effective safety vest you can find in the market. Brighter than a car blinker, you become easily visible to drivers. 

Equipped with wireless remote control, drivers will also know what direction you will be taking. 

  • A MUST for Cyclists, Scooters, Joggers and Skateboarders
  • Flashing LED Signals 
  • Water Resistant Vest and Controller 
  • Adjustable Vest (One Size Fits All)
  • For Children and Adults 

To this day, the only thing that allows drivers to notice in the dark are small, low-intensity redtail light often placed too low or standard reflective vests. 

    Our Newly Developed StigaVest can be seen a Few Meters to More Than 150M! 

    Even in Bad Weather Conditions, you are visible to everyone around you. 


    Package Includes

    • One LED Safety Vest (Black or Yellow)
    • One Wireless Control Remote
    • One Handlebar Mounting System 

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