Anti-Bacterial Multi-Function Silicone Sponge

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Your Kitchen is about to experience a makeover! With 5,000 micro bristles, this Magical Sponge will make cleaning dishes feel like a breeze:

  • Scrub off oily pans and surfaces after cooking meat and other ingredients without soaking all that on your sponge
  • Wipe off Heavy Pasta sauces on your dish without leaving it on your sponge

A flexible silicone brush that can be used on many surface (guarantee safe to use on non-stick cookware and other surfaces)

  •  Anti Bacterial and Mildew Free
  • Gentle on Delicate Glassware - Non Abrasive 
  • Heat Resistant and can double as an oven mitt 
  • Easy to Clean and to Dry 
  • Dishwasher Safe 

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