Ergonomic Carrier

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Extreme Comfort For Your Baby 

Lack of neck support for your baby can cause an unhealthy development of baby cervical spine. Discomfort can cause major stress on your baby's fragile bones. There is one solution to all of this.

Our Quality (9 in 1) Ergonomic Carrier gives you and your baby the utmost comfort you can ever imagine. It makes travelling a whole lot easier.

Safety, Comfort, Firmness and Convenience are the 4 major advantages of our new engineered carrier.

  • Hipseat + Carrier 
  • Soft Cushioned Head Pad
  • Shoulder force (30%), Abdominal force (40%), Waist force (30%) - all round dispersion for extreme comfort while travelling.
  • Windproof Hood
  • Nursing Lumbar 
  • Multifunctional 9 in 1
  • Breathable sponge filled fabric enhances air circulation which releases abdominal pressure and discomfort while walking. 
  • New Medical Nanometer Adhesive Velcro
  • iXPE Decompression shoulder straps: prevents shoulder pain 

Parents all agree on one thing.

Nothing is more important than our Baby's Health.

Once you try our newly developed carrier, you'll be amazed by the numerous functions and benefits it has. We can guarantee you and your baby will love it!

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