Ergonomic anti-roll pillow


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Protect Your Baby's Cervical Spine!

When a baby is put to sleep on their side or stomach, there is a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome. (If they do not have the strength to roll over, these sleep positions can lead to smothering or suffocation)

This is why we have designed and invented our New Egronomic Anti-roll Pillow. This locks your baby into position allowing them to sleep comfortably without you having to worry. 
  • Protects Baby's Cervical Spine
  • Filled with Soft Memory Foam which allows Quality and Comfortable Sleep
  • Anti-roll allows baby to sleep in a healthy position

    As Parents, our Baby's health is the top priority. Our Erogonomic Anti-roll Pillow allows you and your baby to be much more at ease.

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