MamboFoam - Swimming Trainer

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Ensure Your Baby To Train Safely!

Our New MamboFoam Swimming Trainer is designed to allow your baby to swim super safe and comfortably without having you panicking every second.  

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Made from PearlFoam™, a premium material that prevents any leaks and inflatables. It is very breathable, moisture proof, lightweight with excellent buoyancy. It also becomes warm and soft in water which enhances comfort and mobility while swimming. 

Ergonomically designed for extreme comfort so that your baby could swim around with ease... and most importantly, build their confidence while swimming

Easy to use. You simply just place your baby in the crotch strap to secure them and they are ready to have a blast! 


Recommended Age: 3 months - 2 years old

  • Non-inflatable. Made with high quality, environmental friendly PearlFoam™Latex foam inside, swim cloth outside, this is baby skin-friendly and suitable for babies with sensitive skin
  • Compared to older designed inflatables, there will be NO MORE accidental leakages. This New Concept of using PearlFoam material will be replacing all buoyancy swim assist aids in the near future.  
  • Maximum Comfort: Swimming in a belly neutral position for stability and efficiency.
  • Anti-flip design. Widened sides for maximum buoyancy, lowered forepart to avoid tipping. There is NO risk of accidental tipping in any direction.
  • Safety lock catch and harness vest, this ensures your baby to not slip while paddling. Two buttonholes and velcro to adjust. Double safety clasp, dual protection safety.
  • Strong durability: Designed to sustain over a long period of time
  • Crotch strap. Securing the legs to support your baby from slipping out or flipping forward. 
  • Lightweight and very portable.
  • A Great Tool to practice before doing any swimming lessons. We recommend trying it in the bathtub so your baby could get a feel for it. 
Avoid any imitations online. Not sold in any retail stores. Exclusive to Gearabo ONLY.


  • Pay attention that the baby should use it under parents' supervision at all times.
  • Great for use as a swimming aid, although this should not be used a lifesaving device.
  • Weight Limit: 22kgs MAX (44lbs)

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