Solar System Bracelet

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Experience the feeling of being in the centre of our Solar System!

Have you ever imagined being in the presence of planets? This Solar System Bracelet will have you be empowered by the beautiful creation of nature! You are the centre and you have the ability to control your own world.

Each bracelet is hand-made with hand-picked natural stones to model the breathtaking universe that will have you mesmerized. The stones are faceted to make it unique and give it a realistic feel. 

  • Size: Adjustable (Stretchable) 
  • Not Available In Stores
  • The Perfect Gift For Space Lovers! 

This beautiful bracelet is made of different healing gemstones that represent each planet that revolves around our Sun. Get a tiny Solar System revolving around your wrist! 

Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks with Tracked Shipping.